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Carpet Care Guide & Stain Removal

Vacuuming and Shampooing

Newly-laid carpets sometimes develop what appear to be patches, which happens after the tufts have been compressed in different directions. As soon as the carpet is vacuumed, the tufts will return to their upright position, so we recommend that you vacuum your new carpet as soon as it's laid.

Regular vacuuming is good for your carpet. It removes dirt and grit that collect at the base of the tufts, and once removed, the tufts can stay upright and keep the colour rich and bright.

Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed using the suction head only, as beater brushes and heads can cause a felted look.

General Care

Pilling can occur in blended fibre carpets. Snip off pills carefully with scissors.

Shedding is usual for the first few months with new carpet. The more frequently you vaccum the carpet, the sooner it will stop.

Shading of light and dark patches is normal on cut pile carpets such as velvet. These patches should diminish but not always disappear entirely with vacuuming. They’re a feature of a cut pile product, and occur because the pile has been crushed or flattened in a different direction to the natural lie of the pile. This causes light reflection at different angles in light and dark patches.

Static can build up in a carpet in a dry atmosphere. Increase humidity levels by putting pot plants in water trays, or by using a humidifier.

Barrier - use a doormat or rug in doorways where there’s access to the street to prevent dirt soiling the carpet in this heavy wear area. Remember to vacuum the barrier mat frequently so that the dirt doesn’t spread to the carpet.

Wear - a carpet can suffer considerable damage from trainers or high heels, furniture that’s dragged instead of being carried, and heavy furniture causing indentations. Some parts of a carpet get greater use than others, like doorways, the area in front of chairs and the noses of stairs, so are likely to show signs of wear earlier.

Although fitted carpet can’t normally be moved to help the carpet wear evenly, you can change the areas of wear by moving furniture occasionally. Put down rugs, if practical, to take the heaviest wear.

Treating Carpet Stains

It’s important to clean up any spillages immediately they happen to avoid staining. Remember to always use a blotting or dabbing action when cleaning up spillages; don’t rub as this will cause the pile to untwist and become rough and fluffy.

To avoid the stain from spreading, always work the area in from the outer edge. Solids should always be scraped up first. Apply cleaning liquid or carpet shampoo to a cloth first - never pour it directly onto the carpet. Brush the carpet pile immediately after cleaning.

For a stain removal kit, you’ll need 3 solutions together with a dry cleaning solvent and some white absorbent cloth or strong tissue.

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